Indianapolis, here we come!

WAR DANCE RETURNS has been selected to screen at the 2009 Indianapolis International Film Festival (IIFF) along with 107 full-length and short-subject works from 40 different countries. The sixth annual festival will be held Wednesday, July 15 through Saturday, July 25 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Please visit the festival website to learn more:

WAR DANCE RETURNS at 2009 Maui Film Festival

WAR DANCE RETURNS, the short follow-up documentary to WAR DANCE, was accepted into the 2009 Maui Film Festival. It was chosen out of over 1,000 submissions, and will be screened between June 17th and June 21st. Please check out the 2009 Maui Film Festival website by clicking here.

Phil Kellerman, Harvest of Hope

Phil Kellerman established the Harvest of Hope Foundation in 1997 with inheritance money from his grandmother, Dr. Helen Zand – a long time social worker and advocate for the indigent. Harvest of Hope seeks to raise funds exclusively for migrant farm worker individuals and families.

As of September 27, 2007, the Harvest of Hope Foundation has distributed over $717,000 to migrant farm workers and families around the country for repairs to vehicles, housing, utilities, medical services and bills, food, clothing, funeral expenses and tuition for migrant students attending college. In addition, the Foundation has issued small grants to migrant-related support service organizations.

The Harvest of Hope Foundation’s Mission is to provide emergency and educational aid to migrant farmworkers and their families is extremely limited and often not available. Thus, it is the goal of the Harvest of Hope Foundation to fill in the gaps in service to this most hard-working yet needy group of seasonal migrant workers and families by distributing funds to pay for gas, tires, car repairs, rent, utilities, medical services, food, clothing, funeral expenses and educational scholarships.

WAR DANCE RETURNS on Sundance Channel!

We are proud to announce that WAR DANCE RETURNS, the short follow-up documentary to WAR DANCE, will be making its television debut on Monday, May 11 on Sundance Channel! Please tune in to see how Rose, Nancy, and Dominic have grown into talented young adults!

Monday, May 11:
7pm War/Dance
8:45pm War/Dance Returns

Saturday, May 16:
4:15pm War/Dance
6:05pm War/Dance Returns

Please visit the Sundance Channel website for additional information.