Bill Schuffenhuer

shuffenhauer.giBill Schuffenhuer had gone from homeless child of drug-addicted parents to three-time champion bobsledder. Growing up on the streets of Salt Lake City, Schuffenhauer had never known what the Olympics were. Instead, he was constantly evicted due to his parent’s negligence and was forced to take drastic measures to ensure survival, including robbery and eating from garbage cans.

As he entered junior high with some newfound guidance, from his maternal grandmother, he branched out and joined track and field. Track and field ignited him with passion for the future and helped him discover a great talent. With his continued success, he soon began training for the Olympic trial but tragically his dreams came crashing down when he severely injured his ankle.

Although crushed, the resiliency he learned as child made him strong and eager to continue. ” I knew that there was something better,” Schuffenhauer, 36, said last week as he readied for his third Olympic Games. “And although there were a lot of horrible things that happened, it’s made me a stronger person.”

After a conversation with a bobsledding friend he met at the trials, Schuffenhauer went to check out their training in Park City. During his visit, the coach asked if wanted to attempt to be a pusher; moments later he became the newest member of the Olympic bobsledding team.

Schuffenhauer is now healthy and happily married with two children. Although he continues his success at the Games, he is happy to return home to his family. A safe and happy home, something that he always dreamed of.

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Dr. Jordan Kassalow

default-jordan-kassalowVisionSpring was founded by Dr. Jordan Kassalow, a practicing optometrist dedicated to improving vision and economic opportunity in the developing world. After several medical missions, he found that there many people on the verge of losing their jobs, and only source of income, due to a deficiency in vision care.

The relief was far simpler than anticipated for a large number of the patients struggling, a pair of non-prescription eyeglasses, like found in our US drugstores. Soon after this revelation, Kassalow generated a solution; he would train and provide sustainable jobs of selling affordable to those in need. With this vision, Kassalow has granted communities with tools, opportunity and a fruitful future for many.

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Children Accused of Witchcraft in Nigeria

nigeria2 copyIn May 2009, CNN and CBS reported that an increasing number of children in Africa, specifically Nigeria, have been accused of witchcraft by pastors and then tortured or killed, often by family members. Many of the children who have survived these brutal “exorcisms”  are being rehabilitated by local organizations.

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The Harvest Enters Post Production

The Harvest/La CosechaWith most of the principal shooting finished, we are now in the midst of post production on The Harvest. We are working with Charlie Sadoff and Nick Clark of Mighty Pictures, who already edited The Harvest trailer so beautifully. So far, we have seen powerful scenes revolving around 12-year-old Zulema and her family. We are excited to move forward with editing and complete a rough cut!