Notes from Susan: Take Heart, Be Hopeful


1.20.17-Susan-DC-March-300x225By Susan MacLaury

I was one of a group of 10 who joined last Saturday’s Womens March in DC. The number of participants was higher than anyone had hoped – an estimated 500,000. The posters were amazing. The one that brought me to tears was simply written and included hearts scattered through the text. It read: “Rest, Barack. We’ve got this.” It was exhilarating to be part of a march so large and passionate. But it wasn’t until that evening when we watched the news that the true scope of the energy and determination of millions of world citizens hit us: More than a million Americans were joined that day by at least that many around the world – in all, more than 600 marches on 7 continents (See pictures here)

I want to express my deep sense of solidarity with everyone everywhere who represented very diverse causes: women’s reproductive rights; affordable health care; racial judicial injustice; reducing climate change… that came out to be counted, to give us all a much needed jolt of hope. Whether you demonstrated that day or not, take heart in the truth that every one of us can make a difference. Yes we can.