Free Companion Discussion Guide For The Election Effect Series

The Election Effect

Shine Global is pleased to offer this free companion discussion guide to “The Election Effect” digital series for teachers, educators, parents, and student leaders to download.

Download The Election Effect Discussion Guide

“The Election Effect” series, produced by Oscar-winning production house Shine Global and Paramount Network, looks at seven students from an array of backgrounds and political beliefs across the nation — and documents the effect of political rhetoric on each of them. Shine Global will share a new documentary on its Facebook page each week starting April 26, 2018 — the week after of the recent ‘March for Our Lives’ and school walk-outs.

A study published in October, 2017 by the UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education and Access revealed heightened levels of student stress and anxiety, concerns for their wellbeing, hostile environments for minorities, and increased reliance on unreliable information. The study concluded that these stresses are impacting students’ learning. The more than 1500 teachers participating in the study requested help in supporting civil discussion among students in an attempt to promote greater understanding and acceptance of differences.

“The Election Effect” is a series of five short, digital episodes by award-winning filmmakers. They describe conflicts arising out of the election that were met with courage, innovation, and activism. Each episode highlights one or two students, from different backgrounds and political perspectives, who are working to understand what is happening in their communities and to stand up for increased communication, empathy, and respect between groups with different views and ways of life.

“You can respect people’s right to disagree . . . people’s right to hold opinions and to exist . . . and it starts by just talking to people,” states one student.

With “The Election Effect” and the accompanying Discussion Guides, Shine Global hopes to provide teachers, parents, and community leaders with the skills to promote civil discourse among students. These include listening respectfully to other opinions and trying to understand different points of view — crucial skills to function effectively in a democracy.

Download The Election Effect Discussion Guide

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