For Creators: Fiscal Sponsorship

Shine Global furthers our mission of giving voice to children by telling their stories of resilience to raise awareness, promote action, and inspire change not only by producing award-winning and inspirational films, but also by supporting other filmmakers projects through fiscal sponsorship at competitive rates.  We serve as fiscal sponsors for film and transmedia projects that align with our mission by accepting grants and donations on behalf of projects, but filmmakers can also benefit from our years of experience making films that transform children’s lives. Shine Global will answer filmmakers’ questions, provide advice, and point towards helpful resources. Fiscally sponsored projects also have the opportunity to be considered for inclusion in our Ignite outreach and engagement program that brings films to underserved youth across the country.

What is fiscal sponsorship?
Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity, such as Shine Global, sponsors a project that furthers our mission, for the purpose of fundraising through grants and donations. This alternative to starting your own nonprofit allows you to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations with the oversight and endorsement of Shine Global.

Why Shine Global?

  • Allows your project to receive grants and donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, or governmental organizations that may only give to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • Projects fiscally sponsored by Shine Global can offer the incentive of a charitable deduction for tax purposes.
  • Shine offers competitive administrative fees that are lower than many other industry fiscal sponsors.
  • Shine Global’s donation page will have an option to direct donations to the fiscally sponsored project.
  • Shine Global offers fundraising, production, outreach, and distribution advice to filmmakers.
  • All fiscally sponsored projects will be featured on Shine Global’s website with a link to the project’s official website.
  • Fiscally sponsored projects will be profiled at least once in our bi-monthly newsletter and project news and announcements shared in our newsletter and online.
  • Projects can be considered for inclusion in our Ignite outreach and engagement program and have the opportunity to reach underserved youth across the country.



Muhi – Generally Temporary

For the past seven years Muhi, a brave and spirited boy from Gaza has been living in an Israeli hospital, the only home he has ever known. Caught between two homes and two peoples, Muhi is unable to return to Gaza. He is saved and raised by those considered enemy by his people, in paradoxical circumstances that transcend identity, religion and the conflict that divides his world. His time at the hospital is running out and Muhi now faces the most critical choices of his life.

Post-Production, Premiering at the 2017 San Francisco International Film Festival

Rina Castelnuovo, Tamir Elterman

Produced By
Hilla Medalia


Feature Documentary

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*These terms are a summary for reference only.  If you participate in Shine Global’s fiscal sponsorship program, please refer to your agreement for full terms and conditions.

Projects unrelated to Shine Global’s mission or that might be construed as propaganda/participation in a political campaign are ineligible.  Shine Global reserves the right to decline any application for any reason.


Application process:

Fee: No application fee
Deadline: Rolling
Response time: Shine Global’s Board of Directors Development Committee will review all applications periodically and we aim to respond within 6 weeks of application.

For Selected Projects:

Administrative fee:
To cover the administrative, legal, and accounting costs of running this program, Shine Global charges a 5% administrative fee on all contributions. Credit card donations incur an additional 3% transaction fee in addition to the administrative fee.

Contributions to your account are deposited in Shine Global’s federally-insured bank account. Fees are deducted at the time of transaction.

At least one of your project’s named project directors or participants will need to have a US SSN (social security number), ITIN (independent Taxpayer Identification Number), or other type of IRS registration and all fund disbursements will go to that individual or entity.

Funds are disbursed to you by check upon request (but not more often than once a month).

You are responsible for maintaining your own financial records. Shine Global will send you a 1099 form each year for total payments over $600 – consult a tax advisor concerning your participation in the program.

Shine Global’s Fiscal Sponsorship is unable to accept ‘In-kind’ donations of goods or services, this program is for donations of money or stocks only.

Ownership & Oversight:
Once accepted, Shine Global acts as the exclusive fiscal sponsor for your project (exceptions can be made on a case by case basis as long as Shine is the primary fiscal sponsor). As fiscal sponsors, Shine Global will not take any ownership of your project, nor will we infringe on your creative control, copyright, or have any involvement in future sales or profit from your project.  Our oversight is mainly to assure that the money raised is being properly dispersed and used for the project as intended.  Shine Global also does not fundraise for you nor provide any formal research, grant proposal writing, or production services.

Shine Global will receive a fiscal sponsorship credit and logo in the final film.



Fee: No application fee

Deadline: Rolling

Response time: Shine Global’s Board of Directors Development Committee will review all applications periodically and we aim to respond within 6 weeks of application.

  • Title
  • Director, Producer
  • Logline
  • Format
  • Runtime
  • Status
  • Issues/Keywords
  • Brief Description
  • Team Bios/Experience
  • Access
  • Link to Sample material
  • Link to previous work sample if no current sample
  • Total Budget
  • Amount still to raise
  • Funding sources & strategy
  • Upload a treatment and budget