Currently in Post-Production

A talented group of orphaned children in the Kingdom of Swaziland confront past trauma through the creation of a fictional character, a young girl named Liyana. The world that they imagine for her is brought to life in a unique style of animation. Drawing from painful memories, the children describe a violent attack at Liyana’s home. In the aftermath of this terrible night, Liyana must embark on a dangerous quest into the wilderness. Profound insight is revealed as the children shape their heroine’s mythic journey, and parallels are drawn between Liyana’s fate, and that of the young storytellers. Produced in Association with Shine Global.

Currently in Post-Production


We want to encourage young people to make their voices heard, and to unite their communities as they look for world-changing solutions within themselves. This shift in perspective will also apply to key players in the NGO world as they examine their own practices and help to increase respect and reduce stigma about the people they serve. Ultimately our goal is to use the power of storytelling to dispel misconceptions about vulnerable African populations from the outside, as well as improve the confidence in their own potential to help others and to make the world a better place.


Selected to participate in the 2015 IFP Spotlight on Documentaries Forum

Aaron Kopp selected as one of Film Independent: 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012 for Liyana.


Directed by
Aaron Kopp and Amanda Kopp

Produced by
Amanda Kopp, Aaron Kopp, Daniel Junge, Sakheni Dlamini

Executive Producers
Thandie Newton, Susan MacLaury, Albie Hecht

Animation Artist
Shofela Coker

Co-Produced by
Bridget Pickering

Aaron Kopp

Edited by
Davis Coombe

Original Score
Philip Miller

Co-Executive Producer
John Caulkins

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