Meet our Summer 2024 Interns

Arlan Brannon-Sibley: Content Marketing Intern
Arlan is a third year at the University of Chicago and is pursuing a dual major in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies and Religious Studies. She hopes to utilize both her passion and knowledge for cultural narratives to effectively engage and resonate with a wide range of audiences as a Marketing Intern. Arlan is particularly attracted to Shine Global’s commitment to amplifying underrepresented stories.


Amelia Cuttle: Film Awards Intern
Amelia is a fourth-year screenwriting student at the University of Central Florida. While she has worked on independent sets as a script supervisor, her greatest passion lies in writing and directing. As president of UCF’s chapter of the NationalOrganization for Women (NOW), she is also involved in advocacy work. She is excited to work as the Film Awards Intern for Shine Global as she aligns with their mission of using film to promote societal change. She believes film is the most impactful form of storytelling, and wants to make the impact of her own stories a positive one!


Eileen (Herng-Ning) Lu: Outreach & Engagement Intern
Eileen is a recent graduate from Columbia University School of the Arts, where she majored in Film and Media Studies. Passionate about working in the film and media industry and gaining hands-on experience in distribution and publicity, she is especially interested in how films are promoted and released to audiences. Eileen believes that stories of children and marginalized people deserve to be known, and a very effective and impactful way to tell their stories is through films. She is excited to work with the Shine Global team to spread and raise awareness of these stories that need to be told, heard, and seen.


Fall 2024 internship opportunities have been posted and the application deadline is July 22, 2024. Learn more about our internship positions at Shine Global here: