Watch The Harvest (La Cosecha) Online for Free for World Day Against Child Labor 2024

We are making our powerful documentary The Harvest (La Cosecha) free to watch for the week of World Day Against Child Labor 2024. Executive Produced by Eva Longoria, this eye-opening film sheds light on the realities faced by farmworker children in the United States and is a powerful call for action to close child labor loopholes. Let’s come together to raise awareness and advocate for change!  Click here to watch the film through June 15, 2024.

Since 2015, US child labor violations have increased 300% and, in the last 3 years alone, instead of protecting children, 28 states have sought to roll back child labor laws. In response to this, Shine Global has joined more than 50 organizations in the Campaign to End US Child Labor to call for urgent reform to protect children from dangerous exploitation in the workplace, including in the fields where they harvest the food we all eat.

You can add your voice to the campaign and reach out directly to your legislators to make your voice heard. The campaign has created social media assets to share and a state-level letter-writing campaign for residents of states where rollbacks are in active process and a federal letter campaign which anyone can take part in, anywhere in the US.

Today, June 11th, the End Us Child Labor Campaign and the Child Labor Coalition hosted a Legislative briefing for members of congress and their staff examining the ongoing crisis of expanding hazardous child labor in the U.S. and exploring specific legislative solutions that have emerged from the 118th Congress. In addition to campaign members, speakers included Rep. Dan Kildee, (MI -8, co-chair of the Congressional Child Labor Prevention Task Force), Rep. Hillary Scholten (MI-3, co-chair of the Congressional Child Labor Prevention Task Force), and Jose Velasquez Castellano, former tobacco youth worker, among other supporters and advocates.

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  • Watch @shineglobal ’s film The Harvest (La Cosecha) for free online in honor of #WorldDayAgainstChildLabor on 6/12. We are calling for US child labor loopholes between agricultural and non-agricultural work to be closed. Register now:  #TheHarvestDoc #EndUsChildLabor


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