The Election Effect

The Election Effect

The Election Effect

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The Election Effect is a series of five short documentaries that showcase seven different teenagers in five states across the country. Each documentary focuses on a different issue or aspect of life, but all address what life as a young person is like in the wake of the polarizing election and how that election has encouraged a level of political engagement we haven’t seen in a generation as America’s youth take both to the streets and to Twitter to amplify their voices.

With “The Election Effect” and the accompanying Discussion Guides, Shine Global hopes to provide teachers, parents, and community leaders with the skills to promote civil discourse among students. These include listening respectfully to other opinions and trying to understand different points of view —  crucial skills to function effectively in a democracy.


Albie Hecht

Executive Producer
Susan MacLaury

Executive Producer
Jeanine Kay

Alexandra Blaney

Special Thanks
Kevin Kay

Director: Anmol Episode
André Robert Lee

Director: Caitlyn & Elizabeth Episode
Annie Eastman

Director: Hebh Episode
Kristi Jacobson

Director: Noah & Brandon Episode
Becca Roth

Director: Wesley Episode
Jerald Harkness

Producer: Wesley Episode
Adrienne Lopez

Produced in Association with Paramount Network