Comedy Against the Odds

Comedy Against the Odds

Comedy Against the Odds


10-year-old Austin has Autism. He’s also an aspiring stand-up comic. This short documentary spotlights the struggle of growing up with labels, and how Austin uses comedy to embrace and overcome them.

Through the intimate story of Austin as he faces adversity and hardships, our audience will be thoroughly connected to his childhood experience, making the inevitable laughs BIGGER and more INSPIRED.


Autism affects an estimated 1 in 36 children in the U.S. according to the CDC, and Shine Global aims to use the film to raise awareness about the needs of children on the spectrum and as a catalyst for discussion and change, with a special focus on increasing understanding and acceptance of those with Autism so they can thrive and increasing both investment in and access to arts education opportunities for children on the spectrum.


Comedy Against the Odds will make its festival premiere at the 2024 AmDocs Film Festival in Palm Springs.


Directed and produced by
Suzanne Luna

Produced by
Albie Hecht

Executive Producers
Corey Martin Craig
Kevin Kay
Susan MacLaury
Alexandra Blaney

John Rantz

Produced BY Shine Global in association with Derek & Martha Productions and cool beans comedy