Your New Favorite Black Artist: M Jamesly Saint Louis

Your New Favorite Black Artist: M Jamesly Saint Louis


Your New Favorite Black Artist: M Jamesly Saint Louis


By Naomi Roberts

From the time M Jamesly Saint Louis knew how to hold a pencil he has been creating art. Today, M Jamesly is a multi-disciplinary artist and activist studying art at Rhode Island School of Design. M Jamesly is also the recipient of the Scholastic Art award for Best Teen Art of 2020, and the recipient of the 2020 Silver Knight award for art. In addition to these accolades M Jamesly is also the youngest artist to be given studio space at Bailey Contemporary Arts. 

While his achievements as an artist and young creative speak for themselves, what matters to M Jamesly most is the focus and purpose of his art: to portray Blackness honestly and in all of its facets. From the words of his artist statement, M Jamesly “lovingly centers Black people, Black culture, Black joy, Black moments, and at times Black trauma”.

While M Jamesly is focused on all parts of Black life, he doesn’t want his art to solely be defined by the trauma it sometimes depicts. Through his art M Jamesly seeks to disrupt harmful narratives about Black life and instead show the beauty, nuance, and joy that exists within himself and his community.

To learn more about M Jamesly, his incredible art, and why Shine Global shining a light on him this week, check out his full interview with Sean Conrad as part of our Shining A Light series!


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