Tre Maison Dasan on PBS April 1 – National Visit Day Campaign

Tre Maison Dasan on PBS April 1 – National Visit Day Campaign


Tre Maison Dasan on PBS April 1
National Visit Day Campaign

Mark your calendars and tune in to the broadcast!

TRE MAISON DASAN is an award-winning feature documentary about three boys – Tre, Maison, and Dasan – whose lives are complicated by having a parent in prison. Following their interweaving trajectories through boyhood, and shown directly through their points of view, the film is an exploration of relationships and separation, masculinity, and coming of age when a parent is behind bars. In this age of mass incarceration, Tre, Maison, and Dasan are only 3 out of the 5,700,000 American children who have been directly impacted by the incarceration of a parent.

Support the film by:

✔️ Tuning in to PBS on Monday April 1st

✔️Hosting a screening with friends, family, or a local prison facility as part of the National Visit Day initiative (see more info below)

✔️Sharing the film and tune in info on social media

National Visit Day

A nationwide series of events to bring families and communities together with their incarcerated loved ones, around the national broadcast of the award winning documentary Tre Maison Dasan on PBS’ Independent Lens.


Visiting Day is one of the most important days of the week, month, or sometimes year for children and parents separated from their loved ones due to incarceration.

With the national broadcast premiere of Tre Maison Dasan on PBS / Independent Lens on April 1st, 2019, we want to help make that day happen for families across the country, strengthen bonds of family, and prompt a national reflection about the the rippling effects of mass incarceration in America. We’re looking for partners to take action and join us in sharing this experience with as many children and families across the country as possible.

NATIONAL VISITING DAYS events can be large or small – 50 people or 5.

All it needs is:

  • A place where you and your audience can watch the film on PBS or – it could be your living room, a theater, a library, an auditorium, community center, or the visiting room of a prison or jail. The film will be available April 1-14th.
  • Invitations sent out to families, friends, and community members who are ready to come together to experience the film
  • A host organization or facilitator willing to guide a discussion and response during and after the film (with the help of our guides, available soon at can download the “How to Host Guide” pdf by clicking here

Other Ways to Support the Film

  1. Post about the film on social media: Use #TreMaisonDasan, #NationalVisitDays and @TreMaisonDasan on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    EXAMPLE posts
    Looking forward to watching @TreMaisonDasan a doc about three boys, each with a parent in prison April 1st on @PBS @Independent Lens #TreMaisonDasan
    Host a #NationalVisitDay screening of doc @TreMaisonDasan about three boys, each with a parent in prison April 1st-14th while streaming on @PBS @Independent Lens
  2. Invite a friend to watch with you on April 1st: Maybe you can’t organize a National Visit Day screening – but you can still invite some friends over to watch with you!
  3. Share this email! Forward to others who you know would be interested in hosting a screening of their own
  4. Bring TRE MAISON DASAN to your city: There will be plenty more opportunities to host a screening after the PBS broadcast window too – stay tuned!
  5. Donate to support the outreach and engagement campaign (select Tre Maison Dasan option on the form):