Vote for our SxSW 2016 Panel Proposal “The Long Term Impact of the Sexy Story”

Anybody and everybody can vote for Shine Global’s proposed panel “The Long Term Impact of the Sexy Story” to be a part of the 2016 SxSW film festival in Austin, TX this coming March.

Vote here before September 4, 2015:

The Long Term Impact of the Sexy Story

Sex sells. If it bleeds it leads. This reality means that stories like “starving sex trafficked war orphans in Africa…with AIDS” bombard us daily. Sensational and dramatic storytelling gets ratings, attracts an audience, and helps secure funding but it has a real world, negative impact on those we are (mis)representing. Power dynamics between storytellers, promoters, audiences, and subjects raise difficult ethical questions. Our panel brings together storytellers who’ve worked on controversial topics with vulnerable people and explore ways that creatives can approach ethical issues in narrative in a way that produces a compelling story, yet involves subjects in safe and respectful ways.

Questions Answered

  1. How does our appetite for sensational stories have a real world impact on subjects as well as viewers/consumers of stories?
  2. How can filmmakers guarantee subjects’ informed consent and why does this matter?
  3. Do the ends of obtaining compelling footage ever justify the sacrifice of informed consent by subjects?


  • Lina Srivistava, Regarding Humanity
  • Susan MacLaury, Shine Global Inc
  • Josie Swantek, Run Riot Films
  • Linda Raftree, Regarding Humanity


Shine’s Alexandra Blaney to speak at NALIP Media Summit in June

Alexandra BlaneyShine Global’s Director of Marketing and Production, Alexandra Blaney, will be speaking at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) Media Summit on June 7th, 2014 on a panel entitled “Creating Docs that Make an Impact.”

The panel of veteran and award-winning documentary experts will reflect upon and share insights into the craft of documentary storytelling, their artistic vision, and what the essential elements of a well-crafted, enticing documentary are. The panel will ask how you identify the story and find the right way to convey it, what are some ways to get great exposure for your film and build buzz, and how to keep the audience hooked, move them emotionally, and make a lasting impression. Moderated by Dawn Page of DP PR,  Alexandra will join Nicolas Entel (director, Sins of My Father) and Alex River (Writer/Director) in this thoughtful, informative conversation on the power of documentaries.

Alexandra joined Shine Global in 2009 and now serves as Director of Marketing and Production. She worked on the post production and distribution of The Harvest (La Cosecha), served as Associate Producer on the Academy Award® winning short documentary film Inocente, and is co-Producer on Shine’s forthcoming documentary 1 Way Up in 3D. She also helps develop and manage the outreach and engagement programs for Shine’s films.

The NALIP Media Summit will be in LA June 5-8 and is the largest and most prestigious annual gathering of Latinos in the media field nationwide. For the past fifteen years, this unique event has been organized as a creative, business and networking opportunity for Latino media makers and those interested in Latino creative talent and content. This year, the NALIP Media Summit will present top-level speakers who will provide analysis of the television, film, documentary and digital media industries while projecting future trends. Intimate conversations with artists will be held as well as workshops for emerging and mid-career media makers. There will be pitching and screening events, and an annual Gala Awards honoring past triumphs and rising talents.

The NALIP Media Summit is presented by HBO and the National Latino Media Council. Chair Jimmy Mendiola along with the NALIP Board and Executive Staff, have invited top industry professionals and visionaries to examine new trends in media making, financing, marketing, and content creation.

For more information on the Creating Docs that Make an Impact panel visit:

Susan MacLaury speaking at #WOMENIMPACT 2014 conference at NYU

WomenImpactSusan MacLaury will be speaking on a panel at New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising on April 28th for #WOMENIMPACT, a one-day Summit of women leaders in philanthropy, nonprofit fundraising, cause advocacy and social enterprise who are innovating the social sector and calling for greater collaboration locally and globally.

#WOMENIMPACT begins a new, multi-generational conversation to identify emerging leadership challenges and promote improved cross-sector collaboration for women and girls.

The Summit will celebrate, showcase and convene women leaders who are working locally, nationally and globally to improve the status of women and are changing the face of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. The conference will highlight some of the best examples of women’s cause leadership, and showcase emerging leaders who are using new strategies to raise awareness of women and girls issues at home and abroad.

#WOMENIMPACT, which is being organized and lead-sponsored by the Heyman Center, is featuring more than 30 women leaders including Philanthropist Abigail Disney; CEO Nancy Lublin; NPR host and Latino USA producer Maria Hinojosa; filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman; CGI executive Penny Abeywardena; author Allison Fine; Chronicle of Philanthropy Editor Stacy Palmer; BAM President Karen Brooks Hopkins, and many others for this new, multifaceted conversation to identify emerging leadership challenges and promote opportunities for women working in the sector and on the receiving end of philanthropic aid and innovation.


The conference also will deliver the Center’s first Naomi B. Levine Award for Philanthropist of the Year, a Nonprofit Leadership Award for Fundraising Excellence and Innovation, and a Rising Star Award to an emerging leader in the sector who has exhibited remarkable leadership, courage and vision.