Notes from Susan: Post-Election

As executive director of Shine Global, a 501(c)(3), I am mindful that its right to advocate for specific political views is very limited. Nevertheless, I must confess that like so many, I am personally stunned and frightened by the results of last night’s election. Clearly I personally underestimated the anger and fear felt by millions of Americans that propelled Donald Trump to the presidency.

President-Elect Trump is largely an unknown beyond his divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. We can only hope that his demeanor will change dramatically, that his capacity to care for others will increase, and that his policies – when finally articulated – will serve ALL Americans. As it is, it’s likely that many Americans – especially Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants and women – may feel anxious about their status under this new administration.

In such times of political uncertainty, individuals and organizations must step up and do all they can to support the rights and needs of all citizens, especially the youngest and most vulnerable. Over the past 11 years, Shine Global has repeatedly given voice to children whose stories of resiliency raise awareness, promote action and inspire change. We vow to continue doing all we can on their behalf and hope you will as well.