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Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Shine Global is the preeminent non-profit media company giving voice to children and their families by telling stories of their resilience through film.

Through a number of meaningful and mutually beneficial opportunities, your company can partner with Shine Global to raise awareness, promote action, and inspire change about the issues facing children and families around the world.

Benefits to corporate partners include: marketing, press and content generation opportunities; film credits; employee team building activities, professional development and employee engagement, and featured speaking opportunities.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Host an in-house screening of a Shine Global Film

Screen one of Shine’s award-winning documentaries at your next staff retreat, training, employee resource group meeting, or as a special opportunity for employees and their children. Post-screening conversations with Shine filmmakers and experts on the film’s topics include themes of resiliency, inequality, change, creativity, and storytelling.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsor a public screening

Underwrite a public screening of one or more of Shine Global’s 14 films for a public audience, and feature a company leader alongside filmmakers and industry experts in the “talk back” after the film.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Engage Employees

Work with us to identify ways to create meaningful experiences in which your employees can participate.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Attend Shine Global’s 2019 Gala

Join friends of Shine and other corporate leaders at Shine’s annual Gala: October 10, 2019 at the Harold Pratt House , 58 East 68 St, NY, NY.
Several sponsorship opportunities are still available.

Information, including pricing, contact: alexandra@shineglobal.org

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