Meet our 2019 Summer Interns!

Meet our 2019 Summer Interns: (from L to R) Jake Samieske, Bri Murphy, and Julia Rothkoff pictured with Shine Global’s Sean Conrad. Shine is lucky to have them working with us this summer.

Bri Murphy is a senior at Hofstra University and is majoring in History and Global Studies with a minor in English. She is from sunny Fullerton, California in Orange County, where the Housewives and Flip or Flop are filmed. Bri is a strong advocate for children’s rights and hopes to one day work with UNICEF to better the lives of children and their education. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in International Peace Studies next fall. The reason she applied to intern with Shine Global is because of its mission to give a voice to children. When she discovered the organization’s mission, she wanted to help out in anyway she could to further the progress of Shine and its mission. She hopes the work she has done has helped Shine progress further in its goals. 

Julia Rothkoff is a senior at Barnard College majoring in Film Studies with a concentration in Yiddish Studies. She is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey and rescues elderly pugs. She has always been fascinated by film, but disheartened by its inaccessibility for many minority groups. Upon finishing her education, Julia plans to become a film educator, prioritizing underserved communities. The opportunity to intern at Shine presented an ideal opportunity to merge her interests. As Shine Global’s Content Development Intern, Julia hopes to see first-hand how the medium of film can uplift voices that would otherwise be unheard, in particular, underserved youth.

Jake Samieske:  I am a rising junior studying Public Policy and Cinema/Media studies at Hamilton College. I was exposed to the power of visual storytelling and documentary film after producing my first project on how socioeconomic status often determines whether youth athletes get to continue playing the sport they love in college. My work inspired me to pursue an opportunity to continue to tell stories of inequities among youth and ultimately led me to Shine Global. As a marketing intern, I was ecstatic to be able to help further Shine’s mission and tell stories of resilient youth through Shine’s social media platforms. After I graduate, I hope to continue making films and telling stories about athletes. Ultimately, I intend on finding ways to create more opportunities for underserved athletes around the world.


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