This Protest Reached Millions… And it Was Organized by Teens


By Isabella Ullmann

Over the last two weeks, one of the largest protests demanding justice for George Floyd that went viral was the Golden Gate Bridge protest on June 6th. With upwards of 50,000 marchers, this protest was organized by two teens on social media just one day prior.

This week on Shining a Light, meet activists Tiana Day, 19, and Mimi Zoila, 17: the teens who connected on Instagram to reach millions with their protest. After Mimi obtained a permit for the protest, she posted on Instagram looking for a member of the black community to lead the protest and speak during the march. Tiana, who had helped organize a protest in her hometown San Ramone just a few days earlier, was instantly interested.

The duo used the slogan “Lead With Love” during the march, and received press attention from various news outlets for their impressive turnout at the march. Not only that, but the two are now calling each other best friends in just a matter of days, which speaks to the emotional connection the two now share. 

Aside from their efforts with the Golden Gate Bridge protest, they’re both harnessing new ways to make changes in their communities. Tiana started Youth Advocates for Change that creates scholarships for black youth in her community, and Mimi is seeking ways to give younger voices in her community a voice to fight injustice.

From their drive to inspire police reform through leading with love, Shine Global honors these two women for bringing thousands together to protest peacefully. Click here to see the whole video: 


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