Innovating the Future of Tech: Girls in STEM || Gia Mar Ramos


By Isabella Ullmann

When Gia Mar Ramos decided to take a robotics summer course when she was in fifth grade, she was one of only two girls in the program. While her love for computer science grew, this trend continued in other summer courses as well as in AP courses. In 2018, Gia launched Girl Innovation, a program that introduces middle school girls to basic coding, robotics, and cybersecurity skills.

The program offers girls ages 10-17 in Puerto Rico training and mentorship programs with core values of dare, lead, innovate, impact and equality. Gia believes that these programs will allow girls to learn skills that are crucial to success in today’s economy. 

Since launching the program, Gia has had immense success and was a 2019 T-Mobile Changemaker finalist, a 2018 HERLead Fellow, and won the Governor of Puerto Rico medal in 2018, among other feats. She also has been interviewed on various talk shows around the world, and is an extremely important influence for young girls in STEM. 

For these reasons, Shine Global has decided to shine a light on Gia Mar Ramos this week. See the whole interview with her here: 


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