This Teenager Made Her Own Hand Sanitizer and Donated All of the Money to Yemen


By Isabella Ullmann

For 15-year-old Julia D’Amato, the coronavirus pandemic was not an obstacle for her passion for social activism, but rather a unique opportunity to give back on a global scale. In early July, Julia launched Julia’s Cleanser’s, a homemade sanitizing business that sells eight unique sanitizing scents such as Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and mint that kill bacteria and viruses. 100% of proceeds go to save the children’s Yemen branch, as Julia mentions on her site that it’s suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Julia decided to raise money specifically for Yemen given that “in order to save this country from extinction, 2 billion dollars must be raised,” according to her website. With a fundraising goal of $1,000 to donate to save the children branch this summer, she’s already surpassed it by 400 dollars by August 1st. She wrote, “Thank you so much. I did not expect nearly this much success for a local student-run initiative! I am so grateful.”

In addition to the sale of her homemade hand sanitizers, Julia is working to spread awareness surrounding the crisis in Yemen on her Instagram through interviews with Yeminies. She has interviewed Yeminies such as Aliya Nehmi who came to the US only two years ago and have first hand knowledge on the experience there. Julia tackles topics such as “Secret Yemen prisons,” access to food or clean water, and the health care system.

To see our live interview with Julia, click here:

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