Meet our 2020 Fall Interns!

Meet our 2020 Fall Interns.  We’re excited to have them joining our team from laptops across the country.

Juliet Adelman
Originally from the Bay Area, Juliet Adelman is currently a junior at NYU Tisch studying Film & Television, with minors in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology as well as Spanish. At NYU, she has leadership positions in two clubs: The Stern-Tisch Entertainment Business Association and Fusion Film Festival, a festival that celebrates women in film. Her goal as a filmmaker has always been to tell real human stories guided by emotion and truth. At Shine Global, she is thrilled to combine that passion for storytelling with her interest in the business side of the film industry. As the Outreach intern, she hopes to learn more about effective communication and grassroots marketing.

Anthony Bosco
Anthony Bosco is a senior at Pepperdine University studying Media Production and Integrated Marketing Communications. As a double major he has learned how to impact people through film, and how to measure the effectiveness of messages through marketing. At Pepperdine, he has participated in multiple international programs, where he had the opportunity to travel the world while documenting his journeys through photography and film. Previously, Anthony has volunteered with youth education platforms and nonprofits that support youth development making his work with Shine Global an exciting way to continue those efforts. Anthony is from Stamford, Connecticut and is currently studying at home for a remote semester due to COVID-19. However, a good thing to come out of the unexpected circumstances is the opportunity for him to work with Shine Global as a marketing intern. 

Naomi Roberts
Naomi Roberts is currently a junior at New York University studying Media, Culture and Communications with a minor in French studies. Originally from Seattle, Naomi found her passion and interest for film after working at a small production company last summer and after being featured in an NYU short film last fall. Today she is passionate about utilizing the power of visual storytelling to
unite people, to incite important conversations, and to challenge the status quo. This fall she joins Shine Global as a marketing intern and is excited to be a part of a company that uses film to uplift others and give a voice to the voiceless. 

Goldera Surles
A New Jersey native, Goldera Surles is a Junior at Molloy College and is double majoring in Communications with a concentration in media and Spanish. Throughout her life, constantly watching theater plays and television, her love for films grew as she fell in love with various plots involving internal conflicts and mise-en-scene. Wanting to develop more of her technical behind-the-scenes skills in regards to filmmaking and editing, Goldera started at Shine Global in the Fall as the Production Intern. During any free time she has available, Goldera enjoys creating YouTube videos for her personal page and learning how to create graphic designs. 


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