Meet our 2021 Spring Interns!

Meet our 2021 Spring Interns joining us remotely this semester:

Carlee Campuzano
Originally from the Philadelphia area, Carlee is a senior at Boston University studying Film/Television and Communication. With a passion for children’s media and nonfiction programming, Carlee felt naturally drawn to Shine Global’s mission of exploring conflicts faced by children and families, both known and unknown, to raise awareness and tell compelling stories. As Shine Global’s Production Intern, Carlee hopes to practice producing as she helps with interview series “Shining a Light” as well as learn the business of nonprofit media.


Charlotte Juan
Charlotte Juan is currently a sophomore at New York University studying Marketing and Statistics. Originally from Connecticut, she spent years as a Girl Scout volunteering within her community, and has seen firsthand the impact that garnering attention for a cause can do to create a substantial change in people’s lives. She has also loved being a part of the behind the scenes process of creating films since high school, after joining the film club. She respects Shine Global’s mission of giving underserved children and their families the ability to have their voices heard, and is excited as the marketing intern to be using the power of marketing as a tool to help achieve social change.

Juanita Andrade Pardo
Juanita Andrade Pardo is currently a senior at Muhlenberg College studying Theatre and Film Studies. She has always had a passion for using theatre and film as vessels to tell important human stories. She interned at the non-profit company, National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, where she learned about the nonprofit world in NYC and was inspired to continue getting involved. She is excited about joining Shine Global because of their commitment to social advocacy through film. This Spring she joins Shine Global as an outreach intern and is excited to learn more about the nonprofit world and how to help contribute to their vision.  


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