Shining a Light on Environmental Activist @QueerBrownVegan


by: Charlotte Juan

Isaias Hernandez is an Environmental Educator and creator of @QueerBrownVegan where they create introductory forms of environmentalism through colorful graphics, illustrations, and videos.

Isaias created QueerBrownVegan in 2019 to share and emphasize the importance of why environmental education is a human right and now their Instagram page has over 90K followers! Isaias writes, “For centuries, many Queer / Trans BIPOC folks have been at the forefront of environmental movements and are often erased from environmental narratives. The environmentalism I was taught at a young age centered on people who did not look like me or shared the same identity. I never thought I was normal growing up and that there was something “wrong” with me. But in reality, the capitalistic system we live in today tells our Queer selves that we are an issue and that we are to be corrected by society when in fact, Queer ecological leaders have always existed in this movement. I want to continue to fight for justice and liberation while recognizing my role in the environmental movement. My lived experiences, cultural-based experience and identity mean so much in the work I do.”

Watch our interview with Isaias here:

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