Meet our 2021 Summer Interns!

Meet our 2021 Summer Interns joining us remotely this semester: Linda Chen, Teresa Chico, Emma Dax, Charlotte Juan, and Ruhani Singh.

Linda Chen
A New York native, Linda Chen is currently a rising junior at Barnard College studying Political Science and Human Rights with a minor in English. At Barnard, she is the Managing Editor of the Barnard Bulletin and a former intern for the Athena Center for Leadership. It was at Athena where she discovered an interest in film after working alongside the development staff at the Athena Film Festival, Barnard’s annual festival that celebrates women’s leadership. Joining Shine Global this summer as an outreach intern, she is excited to learn more about the nonprofit sector and how visual storytelling can be used as a powerful medium to promote grassroots activism and inspire social change. 


Teresa Chico
As a double major at Bates College in Africana and Rhetoric, Film & Screen Studies, I was drawn to the opportunity to combine my passions for film and social justice, much like the work that Shine Global does in their films. I truly believe in film as a powerful form of storytelling with the potential impact of educating a wide range of people. I am also interested in learning more about how nonprofit media operates.



Emma Dax
Emma Dax is a rising senior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, studying Screenwriting with minors in Environmental Studies and Gender Studies. Originally from a rural town outside Philadelphia, Emma grew passionate about environmental and social issues while in high school. With hopes to mesh her love for film and entertainment with humanitarian causes, Emma was drawn to Shine Global’s mission. As Shine Global’s summer Production Intern, Emma hopes to learn more about how film and nonprofits come together to inform audiences and change the world. She is eager to help with all aspects of Shine Global’s online content creation– from scripts to final edits. In her free time, Emma enjoys hiking, cooking, and making art!


Charlotte Juan
Charlotte Juan is currently a sophomore at New York University studying Marketing and Statistics. Originally from Connecticut, she spent years as a Girl Scout volunteering within her community, and has seen firsthand the impact that garnering attention for a cause can do to create a substantial change in people’s lives. She has also loved being a part of the behind the scenes process of creating films since high school, after joining the film club. After a great experience during the spring semester, she is excited to continue working with Shine this summer to keep making a difference.


Ruhani Singh
Ruhani is an international student from India, currently a rising junior at Muhlenberg College, double-majoring in Theatre & Film Studies. At Muhlenberg, she is the President of International Students Association & Top Naach (a South Asian dance and cultural club). As a Theatre student for many years, Ruhani now wishes to showcase her love for films by further delving into the industry and highlighting the experiences of marginalized voices. Her goal as a filmmaker is to tell stories that matter and help create more awareness and change. As a marketing intern at Shine Global, Ruhani is inspired to share her passion for children’s social justice and help give voice to those who wish to take action and inspire change.


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