Meet our 2022 Spring Interns!

Meet our 2022 Spring Interns joining us remotely this semester:

Leah Robins
Leah Robins is a senior at Columbia University studying philosophy and sociology. Originally from Connecticut, she is passionate about combining what she has learned through her majors and her interest in documentary film to create media that is impactful and educational. Leah wanted to intern at Shine Global because she strongly believes that their mission of telling stories about children and families that go unheard is a great way to educate people on social issues and inspire activism.

Anne Savage
Anne Savage is a senior at Tufts University with a major in English and a minor in French. She found Shine Global’s mission of advocating for children and sharing their stories through the medium of film to be compelling and important. As a marketing intern, she hopes to help Shine Global’s content reach a wider audience, so that more people can watch and be inspired by these films.


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