Meet our 2022 Summer Interns!

Meet our 2022 Summer Interns, Craig and Mya

Craig Cosentino
My name is Craig Cosentino and I am the Shine Global Content/Outreach intern! I am so honored to be a part of Shine Global. I am going into my sophomore year at Columbia University and am turning 19 this July 18th. I am an intended film major with a minor in music and have been acting, writing, and singing since I was 10 years old. Musicals, musical theater, plays, acting, singing, writing, editing, directing, and film, have been my passions from elementary school to now in college. I want to be a filmmaker when I finish undergrad at Columbia prioritizing acting, writing, directing, and editing throughout my career. 

Mya Hoist
Hi, I’m Mya. I’m an incoming senior at New York University. I am an Applied Psychology major with a double minor in producing and media communication. I have an interest in TV production and dream of one day being a show-runner. During my free time, I love to do creative writing, film photography, fashion design, and collect pins. So far I have over 50 enamel pins in my collection.

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