Shine Global Partners With U.S. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar For Historic Immigration Reform Event In Washington, D.C.


Home is Somewhere Else

Washington D.C. (SEPTEMBER 20, 2023) – Shine Global, the non-profit media company behind Academy Award-winning and Emmy Award-winning films, has partnered with U.S. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (TX-16) to host an event in the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. This event will bring together key figures from the world of politics and advocacy to discuss the pressing need for comprehensive immigration reform that prioritizes the wellbeing of children and families.

Taking place on September 26, the event will feature a special clip from the film Home Is Somewhere Else, an award-winning animated documentary on the effects of immigration policy on children and families, and will include the distinguished presence of Representatives Veronica Escobar (TX-16) and Nanette Barragán (CA-44) in addition to the directors of the film Carlos Hagerman and Jorge Villalobos and film protagonist José Eduardo Aguilar “El Deportee.”

Home is Somewhere Else, produced by the Mexico-based animation studio Brinca Taller de Animación in association with Shine Global, offers a much-needed yet rare look into the hearts and minds of immigrant youth and their undocumented families, who are caught in the crosshairs of our nation’s hotly contested debates regarding immigration reform. The film most recently won the Ariel Award for Best Animated Feature.

“The United States has not had comprehensive immigration reform for decades. Countless families in search of a safer, more prosperous life have endured misery that is a product of our broken system and processes,” said Congresswoman Escobar. “My beautiful border community, El Paso, has borne witness to many of these stories: stories of beauty, anguish, adversity, and most of all- hope. We must come together in a bipartisan way to end the misery and fix our broken system. I’m proud to partner with Shine Global to elevate voices from the immigrant youth who are directly affected by outdated and inhumane policy and continue the fight for immigration reform.”

Representatives Escobar and Maria Elena Salazar (FL-27) have introduced the Dignity Act of 2023, an historic, bipartisan immigration reform bill. This legislation addresses critical aspects of immigration, emphasizing border security and infrastructure, creating legal status for undocumented immigrants already residing in the United States with the opportunity to earn citizenship, establishing innovative pathways for asylum seekers, and introducing new legal avenues for economic migrants and unaccompanied minors. The Dignity Act of 2023 is poised to be a landmark piece of legislation aimed at bringing much-needed change to our immigration system.

Evelyn DeJesus, Executive Vice President, American Federation of Teachers, said, “The AFT, as the representative of those who teach and care for our next generation, is working with community leaders, and immigrant rights advocates on Real Solutions for Kids and Communities, creating a future where every person in America has the freedom to thrive, fueled by opportunity, justice, and a voice in our democracy. Rather than being punished for their immigration status, immigrant students and their families should be recognized for their sacrifice, hard work, determination, and contributions that strengthen our communities. The time for commonsense, comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform is long overdue. We are proud to partner with Shine Global and Congresswoman Escobar on this historic event featuring Home Is Somewhere Else which shines light into the pain, sacrifice and need for immigration reform.”

This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with leaders and advocates who are actively working towards meaningful immigration reform.

Home is Somewhere Else is an animated documentary that features three personal stories about immigrant youth to highlight the complexities and challenges they face today. Voiced by the actual children and their families, the stories are woven together by spoken word poet José Eduardo Aguilar “El Deportee,” the film’s host and MC whose vibrant “Spanglish” breaks codes, switches standards, and pushes the viewer to decipher his poems.

Each story has its own unique visual animation style drawn by three different teams. The animation allows us to truly see and feel these characters’ worst nightmares, alongside their colorful hopes and dreams for a better future. It encourages a deeper exploration of our characters’ inner worlds than would a “traditional” documentary.

For more information about the film and its upcoming screenings, please visit and follow the film on social media @homeissomewhereelse

About Shine Global

Shine Global is a non-profit media company that gives voice to children and their families by telling their stories of resilience to raise awareness, promote action, and inspire change. We produce inspiring films and compelling content about underserved children. Through tailored distribution and outreach, we connect with our audiences in communities, classrooms, museums, and on Capitol Hill as part of a powerful engagement campaign to encourage social change.

Since its founding in 2005, Shine Global films have won more than 100 major awards, including an Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short Subject for Inocente and an Academy Award®-nomination and two Emmys® for War/Dance. Recent films include the documentary-animation hybrid Liyana, the hit documentary The Eagle Huntress, and Through Our Eyes: Homefront which is available on HBOMax.

About Brinca Taller de Animación

Brinca Taller de Animación is a Mexican animation studio that has ten years experience making animated films and series that focus mainly on children and social issues. We strongly believe animation is a powerful language that allows difficult topics to engage with the audience and inspire change. We have worked for agencies like UNICEF, United Nations Development Programme, Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights, American Jewish World Service, International Federation of Human Rights, among others.  Home Is Somewhere Else is Brinca’s first animated feature .