Home is Somewhere Else


Premiering in Mexican Cinemas on May 4, 2023


An animated feature documentary providing a window into the hearts and minds of ​​immigrant youth and their undocumented families. 

This 2D feature “animentary” features three personal stories about immigrant youth to highlight the complexities and challenges they face today. Voiced by the actual children and their families, the stories are woven together by spoken word poet Lalo “El Deportee”, the film’s host and MC whose vibrant “Spanglish” breaks codes, switches standards, and pushes the viewer to decipher his poems.

Each story has its own unique visual animation style drawn by three different teams. The animation allows us to truly see and feel these characters’ worst nightmares, alongside their colorful hopes and dreams for a better future.  


At a moment when the immigration crisis is more urgent than ever, the increasingly dire circumstances beg for reflection and reform. This documentary will share the rich complexity of the emotional experiences of immigrant children and families in order for audiences to better understand and empathize with them.

Home Is Somewhere Else invites discussion about the need for a new US migratory model based on respect for human rights for all. We plan to bring the film to communities and decision makers on both sides of the border to prompt dialogue about how the current immigration system harms families and must be replaced.



Written and Directed by
Carlos Hagerman and Jorge Villalobos

poems written by:
José Eduardo Aguilar “El Deportee”

Produced by
Carlos Hagerman

Produced by
Guillermo Rendón and Jorge Villalobos

Executive Producers
Carolina Coppel
Andrew Houchens
Mariana Marín

Executive Producers
Albie Hecht
Susan MacLaury

Co Producers
Alexandra Blaney
Martha Sosa
Nicolás Vale

Co Executive Producers
Ingrid Duran
Catherine Pino

Marec Fritzinger

Javier Álvarez

Pablo Lach

Produced BY BRINCA ANIMATION STUDIO in association with Shine Global