The Story of Peckham BMX.
1 WAY UP in 3D is the story of Tre and Quillan, two teenage boys on the road to the BMX World Championships. They hope to escape one of the toughest gang neighborhoods in London with the only thing they have – a bike.
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“1 Way Up is more than just a BMX documentary, it’s a story of overcoming obstacles and keeping going.”

MTV News interview with Tre, Quillan, and CK

“Peckham: where BMX stars are made”

“The rest of the BMX community should take note of what’s going on in Peckham.”

Dale Holmes, 5 time BMX World Champion

“Inspiring and exciting, shows the power of cycling to lift up the lives of our young people”

Bob Howden, President of British Cycling

“Brilliant, Billy Elliot on a bike!”

student audience member in Clapham

“Loved it, made me want to follow my dreams!”

student audience member in Clapham

“So inspirational, I will tell my friends to watch this!”

student audience member in Clapham
1 Way Up in 3D demonstrates the universal power of sports to transform children’s lives.

communityAccording to Jardine Finn, the Sports Development Manager for a London borough:”The local councillors had some
reservations about a BMX project being developed in H&F [Hammersmith & Fulham borough].  After seeing the video [of
1 Way Up] and the positive activity and smiling faces they knew that this could be a great opportunity for local young people.”

The new track was officially unveiled in June 2014 and is open to all BMX riders, including the local BMX Club that was just established!

communityJoe McTague, the Programme Leader at UK charity Access Sport says, “We regularly use the footage from 1 Way Up to enthuse people about BMX. Whilst shaping phase 2 of the BMX Legacy Project the use of this trailer contributed greatly to 7 different London boroughs joining in partnership with Access Sport to develop a BMX club in their borough. 1 Way Up demonstrates what can be achieved when you empower inspirational local people, a message at the heart of what Access Sport is all about.”


Official Selection Montclair Film Festival 2014
Official Selection Bare Bones Film Festival 2014
Official Selection Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam 2015
Screen Nation Awards 2015 Nominee

Directed and Produced by
Amy Mathieson

Produced By
Albie Hecht

Executive Producers
Susan MacLaury, Mike Tollin

Edited By
Denny Sheehan

Denny Sheehan, Alexandra Blaney, Charmain Falode

3D Producers
Dado Valentic, Laurent Baldoni

DI Producer
Elisa Christophe

Music Composed by
bassDrumsnareDrum & Phreeda Sharp

Music Performed by
Phreeda Sharp & Nefera

Production Companies
Jet Set Films, Shine Global Inc

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