A charismatic activist leads a globally-regarded NGO that provides shelter and education for girls rescued from brothels in Northern Thailand. But as the filmmakers meet the girls and their families, discrepancies begin to emerge and the story takes an unexpected turn.

Amazon video
Amazon video

“an engrossing cautionary tale”

The New York Times

"A truly eye-opening documentary"

Eye for Film

“prismatic, thought-sparking documentary.”

Film Journal

“a dramatic account that will make all do-gooders think twice about how they spend their charitable dollars.”

The Hollywood Reporter

"the film sheds valuable light on the potentially damaging effects of grand-scale deception on the needy and vulnerable."

The Los Angeles Times

“The Wrong Light plays like a film noir set in the tropics."

The Montclair Times

A swirling mystery...heartbreaking and hopeful all at once.

Darren Dean, producer of Tangerine
The Wrong Light explores the exploitation and misrepresentation of young girls in Thailand. The outreach and engagement work will explore the broader issues of exploitation and lack of transparency at all levels of the global aid system. The campaign will support a shift in how journalists, the wider media, non-profit organizations, individual donors, fundraisers, decision-makers in the global aid and development industry, and documentary filmmakers understand and work towards narrative authenticity and integrity.
WINNER Grand Prize NJ Films Section Montclair Film Festival

Official Selection 40th Cleveland International Film Festival

Official Selection 40th Atlanta Film Festival

Official Selection Louisiana International Film Festival

Atlanta Fim Festival

Cleveland International Film Festival

Winner Montclair Film Festival Grande Prize NJ Film Competition

Louisiana International Film Festival


Directed by
Josie Swantek Heitz, Dave Adams

Produced by
Susan MacLaury, Josie Swantek Heitz

Executive Producers
Albie Hecht, Barbara Dobkin

Alexandra Blaney

Director of Photography
Dave Adams

Edited by
Chris Tuss, Matt Cascella

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