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We are thrilled to announce that our film 1 Way Up in 3D will premiere at the Montclair Film Festival on Sunday, May 4th, 2014. Producer Albie Hecht, Co-Producer Alexandra Blaney, and Executive Producer Susan MacLaury will all be in attendance.

Directed by first time director Amy Mathieson, 1 Way Up in 3D tells the story of two teens, 15-year old Quillan Isidore and Tre Whyte, 18, on the road to the BMX World Championships. They hope to escape one of the toughest gang neighborhoods in London with the only thing they have – a bike. Defying the stereotypes of “black boys in hoods” and the media portrayal of their neighborhood, they race to the top of the BMX ranks and off the streets.  

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“Black boys in hoods” are negatively stereotyped, especially by the media These distorted media depictions of black males contribute to negative stereotypes, unfair treatment, and unequal opportunity in areas ranging from employment to education to criminal justice and beyond. Inaccurate depictions can also affect black males’ self-perceptions and lead to diminished self-esteem. The constant reinforcement of negative lifestyles in the media can lead youth into thinking there are no other options. 1 Way Up shows that there are. It’s the story of the determination of two young athletes to defy this stereotype and strive for their personal best. It is also the story of a coach’s faith in the talent of his riders and his willingness to sacrifice his own career to help them succeed despite all odds.

1 Way Up is Shine’s first 3D documentary. Filmed with super slo-mo Phantom cameras and 3D GoPro’s mounted on bikes and riders, it has a soundtrack pulsating with the rhythm and soul of Peckham’s music. We have worked with several local London musicians on the film’s soundtrack including up and coming female rap artist Phreeda Sharp (recently featured on MTV’s Brand New Unsigned and dubbed “London’s hottest female rapper”). The 3D, animation, hip-hop, and spoken word are blended together to create an innovative action sports storytelling style that truly brings to life the power of sports to help youth succeed against all odds and defy stereotypes.