Paladin Studios

Enercities_Screenshot_smallPaladin Studios believes that new digital media can change the way people learn and communicate. Even though technology is often at the basis of innovation, human experience must stay at the basis of design. Computer aided presentation and training should not simply replace or copy traditional forms, but should enhance and expand them.

Their game, Enercities, was just put on Facebook as its first socially responsible game application. Project Enercities offers a serious gaming – learning platform for young people (typical target group: 15-20 years) to experience energy-related implications. The goal is to create and expand virtual cities dealing with pollution, energy shortages, renewable energy etc. The development of the serious game is based on state of the art technologies and insights. The game is fully web-based, 3D perspective (via Unity3D plug-in) and is suitable to play on low-budget computers. The game offers a semi-realistic simulation with game-like visual styles (cartoony) and low entry barriers (easy to understand; multiple levels in order to bring-in more complexity). All these approaches enable a wide distribution of the Enercities serious game across Europe.

California Endowment Event Success!

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America

This past Monday, we were invited by members of the California Endowment to screen The Harvest trailer and discuss the issue of child farm workers. Speakers included Executive Producer, Eva Longoria Parker; legendary farm worker advocate and co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America, Dolores Huerta; and CEO and President of the California Endowment Dr. Robert Ross. The event was a huge success and garnered a lot of interest in the film. In addition, Director Robin Romano talked about his experience in the fields and with the children that so desperately need our help. HIs testimony moved everyone in the audience. We thank the wonderful staff at the Endowment for their incredible work and for putting this event together so beautifully.