BREAKING NEWS: LRA “Makombo massacre” of over 300 Congolese


Our colleagues at Human Rights Watch released a report yesterday detailing how LRA forces brutally massacred 321 people and abducted 250 more during an attack three months ago on several villages in the remote northeastern corner of DR Congo. Testimonies from survivors of the four-day “Makombo massacres” indicate that the attack was designed to terrorize the population and that its success was “celebrated” by LRA commanders who gathered several weeks later after Christmas Day.

Despite the fact that the Makombo massacre happened over three months ago, the scale and brutality of the attack is only now reaching the international spotlight. Local communities had no way of alerting the international community of the attack, and the lack of media presence in the area resulted in the extent of the massacre being hidden until this week’s report was released….

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Educating Central African Children

booksThe United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working to ensure that some 145,000 children affected by conflict in the Central African Republic have literature, mathematics and science books.With funding from the Belgian Government, the agency has so far provided 60,000 mathematics books, 60,000 French books and 2,400 teachers’ guides to the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

The country has been beset by sporadic conflict in recent years between Government forces and rebels and a spill-over of violence from neighbouring countries that have left hundreds of thousands of people displaced.

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Samuel Sandberg

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Eva Longoria Parker

evanecklaceWhen Eva Longoria Parker says she’s going to do something, she not only fulfills her promise, but she surpasses all expectations.  On February 27, Eva Longoria Parker and her husband Tony Parker hosted an intimate fundraiser/dinner party for Shine Global and The Harvest in San Antonio. Eva, an Executive Producer of The Harvest, has been integral in the production of this documentary and for years, has been a dedicated advocate for migrant children. She is making The Harvest a reality, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her as part of the Shine Global team. Eva is truly Shine Global’s hero!