NASDME for Migrant Education

The National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education

“Children of the Road” they are called — the sons and daughters of farm workers who cultivate and harvest the fruits and vegetables we eat every day. Moving from school to school, from state to state, their schooling suffers from repeated interruptions, immersion in unfamiliar surroundings, and constantly changing curricula.

The challenge of providing these children with the opportunity to succeed in school and attain the high standards expected of all students is addressed by a Federal program which offers each state funds to establish supplementary programs to help these children overcome the obstacles inherent in their mobile lives.

NASDME is the professional organization of state officials charged with the administrative responsibilities of using these monies effectively and productively to help all migrant children succeed in school. NASDME provides its members ongoing information about events and activities, and offers new members training, guidance and counsel. It prepares publications to inform a wider audience about Migrant Education. It represents the Migrant Education community in continuing dialogues with the Federal government.

NASDME annually sponsors a National Migrant Education Conference to provide training, leadership, and networking opportunities for all persons concerned with the education of migrant children.

To find out more information about NASDME, please visit their website.