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As the producers of THE HARVEST/LA COSECHA, we have always believed in the film’s potential classroom and service organization use in middle schools,

Download the PDF of the Companion Curriculum

Download the PDF of the Companion Curriculum

high schools and universities. With many years experience both teaching personally as well as working with middle school teachers, however, we knew that the film had to be accompanied by excellent curricula. Collaborating with educators who volunteered their time and experience, Shine Global feels confident that educators at all three school levels will be able to create meaningful classroom and after-school experiences for their students.

The curriculum covers 5 subjects, most for grades 7-12, and incorporates viewing the film with discussion and homework exploring the themes of the film:

  • English/Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Economics (Grades 11-12 only)
  • Health
  • Geography (designed for grade 9 but can be easily adapted for other grades)

We wish to acknowledge the college instructors, middle school and high school teachers, pre-service teachers and students who contributed to the development of these curricula. Without their help we would not have been able to offer these unit plans in Social Studies, English, Economics, Geography, and Health.

We hope that THE HARVEST/LA COSECHA will make a vital contribution to both the cognitive and affective learning of students nationally and internationally for Tramadolbest many years to come. We welcome your feedback and that of your students to these lessons.