Thank you to all of our Shine Global supporters for sharing the Kickstarter campaign with friends and family and for making a pledge to support our latest film INOCENTE.  We’re so touched that in the end 294 people stepped up to help, many of them new to Shine Global, and donate a total of $52,527 over the course of 30 days – helping us to surpass our goal of $50,000!  This experience has been both exciting and humbling and we’re so grateful to you all.

This funding will cover the costs of deferred payments, final deliverables and the outreach campaign to help spread the word about the film and the issues of homelessness, immigration reform, and arts education represented by Inocente.

The video from filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine describing the project and why they wanted to make the film will remain up on our Kickstarter project site and can  be viewed at any time.

INOCENTE will be airing on MTV August 17th at 10pm ET/PT – we hope you tune it to watch!