Inocente Wins OscarShine Global’s latest film Inocente was honored with an Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short last night. Shine and the directors Sean and Andrea Fine had been nominated previously for their film War/Dance but this was their first time on the stage, and they brought Inocente herself up with them. “To see the look on Inocente’s face as she held the Oscar onstage and to see all of Hollywood smile back at her,” said Producer and Shine co-Founder Albie Hecht, ”gives me hope that this film can help improve the lives of America’s children.”

The film chronicles Inocente, an irresistibly likeable young girl who has overcome poverty, her undocumented status, and homelessness to win widespread recognition for her whimsical, colorful artworks. Color is her revolution.

We come to Inocente’s story as she realizes her life is at a turning point, and for the first time, she decides to take control of her own destiny. Irreverent, flawed and funny, she’s now channeling her irrepressible personality into a future she controls. Her talent has finally been noticed, and if she can create a body of work in time, she has an opportunity to put on her first art show, a high profile affair that she knows has the potential to launch her career. Meanwhile, her family life is at a tense impasse— to leave home is terrifying but to stay is unbearable.

Executive Producer and Shine co-founder Susan MacLaury says the filmmakers ”hope that people will be inspired by the film to help the 1.5 million homeless children, 1.8 million undocumented children, and thousands of children whose lives have been positively affected by arts programs, that Inocente speaks for.” Shine has created companion curricula for teachers who want to use the film in the classroom that meet national standards. Along with Producer Yael Melamede of Salty Features and several non-profit partners, they have also created companion arts workshops that communities, museums, and libraries across the country can use at a screening to engage youth on the important issues depicted in the film.